Who is Simon Cowell girlfriend 2013?

image for Simon Cowell girlfriend 2013If you are thinking that the queen of the soul music and the tips which are often mentioned all around the world is still single, you are wrong. I didn’t know, I can say that very loud that the relationship with Carmen Electra ended as fast as they just started to know themselves, so we sure hope that Simon Cowell girlfriend 2013 will last more than any other previous relationship, he is surly not that young as he wants to be, he should think a little bit about settling down and making a new contacts with people who are ready to be serious in life. Unfortunately the show he started “X Factor” is very famous and now he is having more job than ever, he has to control all the people who bought the rights for this amazing music show, he has to travel a lot and that is the prize of his success.

Just be ready!

How can he manage to have a girlfriend he would really love when he is never on one place more than a week? Can you imagine the difficulties with the status of Simon Cowell girlfriend 2013? We are aware that today is really hard to find someone who will be always with you, we are aware of the pain people feel when they lose someone they love and the feeling that they don’t want to live that again and again, it is nothing new, we all know it from the our teenage years.

Hot ex-girlfriends will always be around him!

Simon Cowell girlfriend 2013 has to be aware of all the danger that comes with the dating a famous man, for sure she will not be someone who doesn’t knows anything about the life of the big stars but Simon is really someone who is responsible for more than just one successful career and in that name he deserves a great attention at his audience and the musicians which will come to him and ask for help, even Simon Cowell girlfriend 2013 could be a star without any particular reason, what do you think about that?

It could be you?

No more waiting for him to say something about his life, we have to investigate ourselves, we have to give you the pictures which will be interesting and which will say more than he will ever want to say to the audience which is in the same time his biggest fan group! No more waiting for the official confirmation because we are giving you the pure idea of Simon Cowell girlfriend 2013. Listen to us and learn about the facts from the world of famous and interesting names of the world.

Are you impressed by Selena Gomez boyfriend 2013?

image of Selena Gomez boyfriend 2013These years you can see many young TV stars who are in the center of attention, for various reasons, their talents and their private life as well. You already know how this lovely young lady is popular, but surely you are also interested in Selena Gomez boyfriend 2013.

..and they used to love a lot!

Before we find out who might be Selena Gomez boyfriend 2013, let us go back to 2010. It was during Vanity Fair Oscar Party when two of them started dating, and you all know that the one we talk about is Justin Bieber. It was the most perfect couple you could imagine, both of them young and successful, but seems like they simply couldn’t make it- they broke up this year!

She simply doesn’t like being alone, it seems!

Well, no wonder people already started talking about her potential new boyfriends, because as soon as she and Justin broke up, because she was quickly seen with another guy. It may be her way to get the tragedy over, because two of them seemed very happy together. And the new speculated Selena Gomez boyfriend 2013 is Josh Hutcherson. Unfortunately we cannot tell you a lot about him, except that he3 might be her Spring Breakers’ colleague, but let us wait and see!

Her dating history – some might say quite impressive

Now that you know all about her current affair, and about the biggest love, there are some more guys you should know about. So, before Selena Gomez boyfriend 2013 and Justin, she also dates some celebs. The first ones we know about are Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone, but could be rumored. The same is for Cameron Michael Quiseng, but what we can definitely claim is that from 2008 to 2010 she dated Nick Jonas.